Today in the city Medley 27.05.2018
China rages over US warships sailing near disputed islands, saying move 'seriously infringed' its sovereignty

China has reacted angrily after two US warships sailed near the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, describing the move as a “provocation” and accusing America of committing a serious inf...

Hooking the Dinosaur of Fish

It’s paddlefish season in Montana. Programs to harvest the giant’s caviar and sell it have helped to create a model for sustainable fishing.

Couple denied motel room after NorCal clerk says Puerto Rican license is not a U.S. ID

A Puerto Rican couple visiting California for their niece's wedding said they were unable to check into a Rancho Cordova Motel 6 because the front desk clerk didn't believe they had valid U.S. identif...

model passenger

Drunk black retard throws hissy fit in airplane headed to Miami from St.C#roix because they cut off his beer consumption.

Jade Bird Is Serious About Being A Feminist Role Model

Jade Bird talks faster than nearly any artist I've spoken with in a long time. Our connection lags a little and her dense British accent means I miss a word here and there, but her passion and the sen...

These are the best green cars you can buy in 2018 (TSLA)

In early May, AAA announced the 2018 winners of its Top Green Vehicle award. Tesla's Model S and Model X won a combined four of the 10 categories. The Chevy Bolt won two categories. The vehicles were...

This 35-year-old banker left Goldman Sachs to start a fintech inspired by his mother — 5 years later Goldman gave him £100 million

Goldman Sachs invests £100 million in UK fintech Neyber last year. Neyber works with employers to let staff borrow money then repay through salary deductions. The company was founded by two...

A time-line of World War II

18/9/1931: The Japanese army provokes an incident (at Mukden) and invades Manchuria without consulting with the Wakatsuki government 10/5/1933: Students of the University of Berlin burn thousands of b...

New Tesla versus used Tesla: Which makes more sense? - Roadshow

People want Teslas, and for some only a new one will do, but how does an older Model S stack up to its brand-new sibling?

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